Eowyn Hope Ragno

The life story of one little girl

Childhood is the best time ever

Our customer wanted to make a special website about every step of his little dauther's life to show her when she will grow up. And this is the cutest thing we've ever did :)) So our designers had created the design in style "vintage" with a lot of cildish elements.

  • Unique appropriation design;
  • Fully responsive;
  • Unique elements;
  • Wonderful fonts;
  • User-friendly navigation.

project features

Wonderful header

We've worked hard to create the best impression at first you glancing the site. We've worked around every small detail: a combination of colors, logo design, menu navigation style, buttons style, a special background on the slider, and even the blue clouds. We wanted to maximize convey the love of Eowyn's parents to their daughter :)


As always we have done a special favicon for little Eowyn's website :)

Social buttons

We've masked the social buttons to cute flowers and they look good, aren't they? :)

Letters style

The customer wanted to have a special place for his and his wife's quotes about their daughter, so we submitted these texts into the forms of letters to keep the style of website.

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Responsive, of course

The most favorable decision to keep the web site comfort and beautiful on any device.

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