Itesori d'Oriente Viaggi

Let's travel in Italy!

We all need to rest 

If you are in Italy and want to go travel immediately, use this website :) We've made it with love, it's very light, minimalistic and smiling.

  • Responsive design;
  • Front-end work;
  • Unique elements;
  • "Smiling" slider;
  • User-friendly navigation

project features

Smiling slider!

Yes, this slider looks like its smiling you, isn't it? :) And this great background image like calling you to swim in the ocean and soak in the sun.

Another favicon

Our customer has a special logo, so we've made a favicon for her :)


We've designed a testimonials block with an absolutely unique design.

Link blocks

You can see three link blocks under the slider to find the right proposal quickly.

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Responsive design for "I Tesori d'Oriente Viaggi"

This wonderful website we've made for every device, enjoy it :)

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