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Home or Bank?

A lot of people keep their money at home, but that is not a secure solution. "Prominvestbank" has decided to create Landing page, which was dedicated to the resolution of the stereotypes that keep money at home is safer than in a bank. In this project we decided to create a very, veeeery clean, simple and light design as not to divert user's attention from important content.

  • Clean design;
  • Landing page;
  • Front-end work;
  • Unique elements.

project features

Corporate image

This strange image gave us our customer from "Prominvestbank". He was surprised too, by the way. But... unfortunately, that's a corporate image, so we had to use it on the slider. Nevertheless, looks good :)


Logo of "Prominvestbank" is the best decision for the favicon :)


We've painded some wonderful appropriating icons for this landing page.

Bank is Secured

Beautiful block about "Prominvestbank" with gentle woman's hands and strong iron shield with the Bank's logo on it's side.

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Convenient decision

They had a lot of advantages, which we were need to show the user. Pretty hard task in absolutely clean design. But our designers had came up with this idea with the circle. Customer liked it a lot ^___^

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