One website for many Real Men

Website comunity for Real Men

A full responsive redesign with front-end and back-end work done.
Our customer wanted to have a good user-friendly website.
We have seen red, white and black colors in their logo, so our designer has thought: "It's the greatest color combination! The website MUST BE black&white with some red elements!".

project features

Minimalistic navigation menu style and a great large Roundtable's logo

User-friendly navigation will always follow you through the website. And the coolest logo will always remind about the Roundtable :)

Cute little favicon

We design a unique favicon for every project :)

Style for titles

You can find a lot of interesting and unique things on this website. For example, this style of Headings for blocks.

Men's silhouettes with a great view of Switzerland mountains on the background

Our customer asked us to put anywhere in the website some sights of Switzerland or mountains. So, as this club is only for men, we decided to connect with one another, and you can see this picture at the finish :)

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An unusuall and unique style for news.

Cool widget for news, in which you can just click on them - and you will be going to the full news post.

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